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Don’t Act Your Age. – The philosophy of: Bliss n Eso

How old are you?

And when you think about it, what is normally expected that people your age are doing in their lives? What should you have already done in your life? How many kids should you have by now? How much money, property, what type of job and what are you supposed to be by now?

At some point, have you ever been told ‘Act your age’? And was it maybe be followed up by a much-welcomed comparison of your life and what you’re doing in it, with a more mature, or more normal other person.

Normality could possibly the biggest life-sucking force on your life though. It’s outside of normality, that all the best shit happens. In taking those risks you do as a kid, to just see what happens, and living playfully like kids too. All that stuff, outside the normality and comfort is what truly makes you open your mind, come to live, and be happy the way you want to be.

In the words of Eso, ‘Fuck them all and don’t act your age.’