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So You Just Had a Horrifying Nightmare Where Your Dog Got Hit By a Car… What Can You Do to Prevent It from Happening in Real Life and Ensure You Never Have to Find Out That Your Dog’s Just Died?

Having a nightmare where your dog is run over by car and then subsequently dies in your arms can be a horrifying experience. But even though it’s happened to you once, luckily, there are steps you can take to not only prevent it from happening in real life, but also from even ever having to learn the catastrophic news that your pooch has passed away.


There are ample ways you can prevent car going bang bang and your dog going bye bye, and although expensive and inconvenient doggy first-aid courses or professional pet training seem useful at first glance, there’s actually a couple much more certain measures you can take. Here are a couple surefire ways that will stop your dog from being hit by a screaming vehicle and from you having to one day find out your dog has died (in chronological order):


Step 1: Board up every door and window in your house and never let him outside again

This should work a treat. All you need is some timber, a hammer and some nails! There should be 0 cars inside your house, let alone ones going at 60 km/h as they were in your nightmare when one ran over your dog. Due to this lack of heavy traffic within your family home, getting a shitload of 2x4s and permanently boarding up every entry and exit within your house should prevent your dog from dog from ever getting run over by a car.  And once you’re done, when you go to bed, you can rest your head easy at night in the knowledge that your dog is safe and sound and never going to get hit by a car.

*Ensure dog is inside house first


Step 2: Kill yourself 

A tried and tested classic! And even though you might be saying, ‘Boring!’ WHOW THERE! By doing a suicide to yourself you’ll never be faced with the devastating scenario of receiving news that your dog has just died. #Lifehack!


So there you have it! You’re all set now. No dog of yours is ever going to be fatally hit by a steamrolling gasoline powered rectangle. Or even die at all, because when it does, you won’t be around to hear it! Go you!

NOTE: If you dreamed the same thing happened to your baby, the above technique works for them too.