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Is it healthy to think ‘Nothing is actually mine; nothing BELONGS to me’? so you’re ready for when it ends or disappears?

Everything must end. So although it may not be healthy to constantly think ‘This is going to end. This is going to end. This is going to end.’ During every moment of a friendship, relationship, holiday etc., it’s healthy to at least be aware of it from the start.

Does saying ‘My…’ before anything (or everything) in your life subconsciously program into your brain that YOU have full control over it, or its presence in your life?

Acknowledging that everything (especially everything you enjoy) is at some point, in some way, going to conclude is the way to a) enjoy it right now, b) be present at all times during it (these are the days, not those, or the ones that will be), because you know in the context of time, it will be short-lived and also to have comprehensive, enhanced experiences where you’re not living in anticipation of things and you’re also not valuing them solely for their memory.