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As soon as you have something or someone valuable in your life, prepare to lose them. Because you will, you have to, but that’s a healthy thing.

Epictetus once placed an iron lamp in his home next to his household gods (valuables). He heard a noise at the door and next thing it was gone. He reflected on it and wasn’t fussed about it. He said:

To-morrow, my friend, you will find an earthenware lamp; for a man can only lose what he has.

– The Philosophy of Epictetus XI

Whether it’s something you just bought, or a relationship or friendship, you are, at some point, inevitably going to lose it. This is not to make you morbid and lament the fact, but in fact, the opposite.

Thinking this way, and realising that you will at some point be seperated for good from whatever it is you value, will make you appreciate its temporary nature and its true value.

Everything in life is fleeting and temporary, and just a tiny atom in the context of eternity, and realising this will not ease the pain of losing what you love, but also allow you to look back on it with nothing but gratitude.