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Every time you do ANYTHING could be for the last time

The only reason I didn’t want to get a tattoo on the weekend was because I wouldn’t be able to go swimming in the ocean for 2,3 weeks or whatever, which I do almost every day. So the last time getting out of the ocean before I got it felt somewhat melancholy and bittersweet.

But just because I had 2 weeks or a month or whatever where I won’t go swimming, doesn’t change the fact that anytime I ever do anything in the future (if I get to), could also be the last time.

Because at some point it will be the last time you do everything, and it could be sooner than you plan.

You could easily go out one night and get run over and paralysed by a drunk driver. Shootings and acts of terrorism also affected a bunch of people who minutes, hours, days before also thought they were going to live a long life with a seemingly endless opportunity to do the things they love. Or your life could even end for an unknown medical reason.

Doing things with an attitude that this could be the last time I do creates an appreciation for the simple things in life.

Whatever you do next, especially the things you love, could be the last time. Prepare yourself for that possibility.