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Don’t think of a pink monkey. Don’t think of a pink monkey. Don’t think of a pink monkey.

When someone tells you ‘Don’t panic!’ or ‘Don’t get stressed’ or even ‘Don’t worry’, the last thing that your brain hears is: ‘Panic!’, ‘Get stressed’ and ‘worry’.

But it doesn’t only happen with commands. It’s not only when people are trying to reassure you that their intention may have the opposite affect.

You may be doing this to yourself subconsciously.

What scares you? What worries you? What makes you anxious about the future?

The way that you tell yourself things you are afraid may be reinforcing negative emotions within your mind, in the form of the subliminal commands above. If you tell yourself ‘I don’t want to end up ugly and alone’, ‘I don’t want to be a nobody.’ or ‘I don’t want to regret not having kids’, you may be confirming to yourself that that’s what you will be. And the effect of that negative visualisation may be coming out in other parts of your life.

So instead of saying ‘I don’t want to be a nobody’, try ‘I am and always will be somebody’. Instead of thinking ‘I don’t want to regret blah blah blah’, try I will adjust to whatever my life is. Instead of thinking you’re afraid of bad things happening, try saying good things will happen. That no matter what happens, you will adapt. Not that you’re afraid of being old and ugly and alone, but that you want to be young for your whole life (at least mentally), that you will be attractive no matter what you look like and you will make other people want to hang out with you.