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Cracking the screen of your phone and Death = same thing

The problem with death is that a lot of us are shit scared of it and hate to talk about it, even though it’s the only thing guaranteed to happen (well unless this curing age thing is for reals). But we have a fear of it, a fear that’s going to end exactly when it happens.

Death and telephones

If your phonescreen’s fine and not broken or cracked, and you drop it, you stop and pick it up and hope that it’s not cracked.

That’s living in a fear that the screen won’t break.

But what d’ya know? Once it actually breaks, the fear’s gone – You’re free of the fucker.

The same thing goes for death. Except the difference between that and phone screens is that a shitload of people can tell you what the experience is like to break your phone screen, but absolutely 0.000000 people can tell you what it’s like to die.

But once you die, you’ll be free of the fear of dying. The one thing that will release you from the fear of the thing is the actual thing. And it’s guaranteed it’s going to happen. So what are you worried about?

And what other fears can you free yourself of by just doing them?