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If the world got hit by an asteroid and was going to go ‘kaboom’ in a week from now, what would you do? How would you spend your last week? Who would you go see? What would you tell the people closest to you?

Imagine… Imagine that a week from now, an asteroid was going to smash into earth, causing devastating earthquakes and tsunamis to begin with, and then a destabilising of the atmosphere and subsequent disease, famine and chaos after that…

What would you do with the last week? Who would you go and see? Who would you spend it with? Who would you tell how you truly feel? And what would you tell them? And who would you choose to spend the last moments with?

The reality is that, although it’s not a week, we still are living a death sentence. And you don’t know how long until the asteroid will plow into your life. You don’t know when it will hit. So how can you live responsibly, but aware, that we are all not far away from an asteroid hit? Asteroid hit, the end of each our’s lives… it’s one and the same… what are you going to do before it hits?

How are you going to live the rest of your life?

Sidenote: There is an asteroid that is supposed to get close to actually hitting earth in 2032. It’s a 99.9995% chance that it will bypass us. This is what it might look like if the 0.0005% probability thing happens: