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Which “Friends” Extra Are You?

If you’re living, breathing and have not been incarcerated for at least the last twenty five years for a crime you may or may not have committed, then, COME ON, we all know you are a fan of Friends! Because who isn’t, am I right?!

But not only does the New York-based sitcom stand the test of time, but it’s the connection to its cast that, to this day, still has people arguing which cast member was really the best.

So, which extra from Friends are you?

1. This woman?

If you happen to crane your neck like this and look weirdly and unnaturally at things off in the distance, over the shoulder of others when you’re at the airport, then badda bing badda boom, you’re are SO this woman!

2. This man?

Do you also like to hold beers at chest height and be old and male? Then, I hate to say it, you are totes this man!!

3. This Person Talking?

I know what you’re thinking – I do this all the time, that is SO me!! We know exactly what you mean! If you also use your mouth to talk words at other people in public places while drinking liquid, then, yep, you are SUCH a this person!!

4. This man or woman?

There’s no doubt you remember this classic scene from ‘The One At The Beach’ where Joey pees on Monica’s jellyfish sting! And if this man or woman or other in the background is doing the exact thing you would do if you were far from three strangers at the beach, then yep, you guessed it, you are SUCH a this man/woman!

5. This sitting person

If you also look away as awkwardly as you sit, in a cafeteria when a tall man is yelling, whoa nelly, you are such a this person!

6. This person standing out of view at a New Year’s Eve party?

3,2,1 Happy New Years!! If you also like to stand obscured behind things at New Years’ Eve parties while still being visible to certain people but less visible to others, then, I’ve got news for you – You are totes a this person standing out of view!

So there you have it! Next time your own pals start to talk about Friends, you’ll not only know which extra from Friends you are, but you’ll be able to tell them, without a doubt, which extra from Friends they are too!! Could that be any cooler?!