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Think of your #1 goal or dream… What if you did it? Or what if you never did? What are the potential benefits of going for it vs. the potential costs of not? & The philosophy of: Tim Ferriss’ Fear Setting (and what Stoicism –and this cow–’s got to do with it)

What’s your dream? Or your greatest goal? What’s the one thing that most wish for, want or would love to give a go?

Well, if you went for it, what you would first possibly gain, and possibly lose if it didn’t go the way you wanted? And if it didn’t go the way you had hoped, what steps could you take to first minimise the damage, and secondly get back to your previous position (if possible… or if you want to)?

But more importantly, what are the potential benefits of just going for it, and maybe even making it work?

And if you don’t what are the costs? Potential regret over never having the courage to try it? Of not doing what you want, or living the life you want?

If it does work out, you may have just created the life you –the most important person in your life– a) deserves and b) loves.

Think of your greatest dream or goal and then watch this (and do the exercise):

What’s Stoicism’s got to do with it?

And when you think of what you would most love to attempt, Stoicism can help you first go for it, and also to handle whatever happens as a result… for better or for… well, better… since everything that happens leads you to the place that you can make the most of.*

*unless it kills you, but in that case you’re not gonna know you fucked up since, well, you’re dead.