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Is the thing you’re chasing actually right there in front of you?

Sometimes the thing you want to give a lot of fucks about it is right there under your nose. The thing you’re chasing, pursuing and wanting to be or do can be the thing you’re doing right now.

I wrote this on April 20 this year:


I was looking for something I gave a lot of fucks about, like those Space Ex guys (watch at 32:00). And I didn’t find it.

Because I didn’t need to. I was doing it right then and there.

Writing and teaching. The thing I was looking for was in the search, not the destination. There’s nothing on the face of this bigass rocky ball called earth that I give a fuck about more than writing and learning (and as a result, helping people, especially English learners who desperately would love to learn English, get an Australian VISA and subsequently improve their life). And it’s what I do. It’s what I did. Without knowing it, the thing I was doing unlocked the thing I actually wanted. All with a simple process of changing my mindset and writing about, putting the fragments together of what the life I want looks like.

Is it possible that what you’re doing now, the life you’re living now is the one you’re actually wanting? Sometimes we give a lot more fucks about the chase than the goal too, as the goal can often be anti-climactic, because, by definition, you’ve reached your goal. Now what?

It’s less about the outcome, more about the path.

– Illy, from On & On

Whether it’s in limbo between jobs, relationships or some other major life change, this right now could be the thing you’re actually looking for.