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My quest to find something I give a lot of fucks about

Imagine being at work and giving this many fucks (watch at 32:00)…

Those are the employees of SpaceX giving exactly an infinity fucks about what they do, after the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket landed fully intact back on Earth, in December 2015. There’s been teams who won the Super Bowl who didn’t go as crazy as that.

SpaceX is basically a whole bunch of mega smart kids playing with spaceships. They’re actually doing all the stuff you imagined doing as a kid, but like, for realsies –stuff like building rockets, flying them into outer space (and then landing them back on Earth) and going to Mars.

Infinity fucks is the best amount of fucks to give about work. But most of us will never find a job we give that many fucks about. Or even 2 or 3 fucks.

I’m on a search for a job that I give a lot more fucks about than the one I have now – teaching English. I give a lot of fucks about my students learning English and them having the advantages English speakers like me take for granted, but writing and learning is something I give way more fucks about. I don’t know what that many-fucks-giving job is yet, but at the moment I’m giving a lot of fucks about the search for it.

***Sidenote: For a capital-G Great breakdown of Elon Musk and what SpaceX really does and what they plan to do, read this. It’s by someone I’m not ashamed to say is my hero, Tim Urban, on his blog He’s also the guy who guest hosted the webcast above.

***Sidenote #2: You might’ve noticed I swore a lot in this post. Yes, that makes me a hypocrite, but after writing this post, I’m swearing less when I’m just short for words, have pretty much stopped swearing at home or when I’m PO’d, and only use naughty words when a) no other word’ll do and b) only if it’s not going to make a tense situation worse. One of the points of this blog is to analyse things we do under heavy scrutiny, be militant about it at first, and then either reel back, stay the course, or find the middle ground –whichever works best and is necessary for you.