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Hello I am Dave how are you I am fine thankyou and you? You are welcome to my words and lines. I not write for much time but now I am. Hello (Goodbye?). I am live in Espain during more that 5 years now and these will be going to be my words in the moment and on the future. I explain you, no? Here you have. I wait you like.

I have TV and I have dog and Few day ago i watch TV (with dog in room, not running lose in neighbourhood) and see a publicity. It for this company. Wow. What company, and what name. When I see publicity for this enterprise Natures Menu with my eyeballs I think wow, where from?! Cannot be from England speaking country because name is England language grammar catastrophe, so I send internet email to company asking question where from:

Good question, no? Yes I think so. And today I get response to my internets email, and they not answer my question!

WHAT IS THIS NUGGETS? And why raw? like sushi or giant leg of Iberian jam? What a shit! I want to know where dog food is maked!! Snetterton, Norfolk, uff what this is? I want know where company from, not where nuggets from!!!!\

Not you worry, I write them tomorrow to see where company from. Okay? So we see then!!!