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WHAT A HORROR – This is a sad new of Rafa Nadal 3 weeks ago

Hello I am Dave how are you I am fine thankyou and you? You are welcome to my words and lines. I not write for much time but now I am. Hello (Goodbye?). I am live in Espain during more that 5 years now and these will be going to be my words in the moment and on the future. I explain you, no? Here you have. I wait you like.

Hello gays, how are you I am fine thank you and you? Are you all see this? This was a sad new from Spain’s much famous Rafa Nadal.

Australia Open is now over but this was a sad new, and good said. Good said by Rafa Nadal (you see up). Rafa Nadal break his body and get a lesion on his muscles and now cannot satisfy level of exigence in a tennis court, this means he can not play on the Australia Open starting 2 weeks in the past. The body of Rafa Nadal break up because of destruction on his muscles and now he sit and do anything. In Spain he is yes, but OH NO! What a horror!

What you think of this lesion by Rafa Nadal? Is he return to play? I hope that. He is good at practicing tennis and many young that practice tennis and want be like him. Even though it’s old fucker of mothers now, Rafa Nadal jaja. France Open is very soon. Maybe he return and play final French Open and win every one like it always do?! We go Rafa!