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My Say: What Do You Mean ‘Why Is The Mona Lisa Famous?’ Because It’s Famous For Being Famous For Being Famous. Idiot. Fuck You. (By Marshall McWilliamson)

My Say 

By Marshall McWilliamson




Geez you piss me off sometimes. What do you mean by ‘Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?’ Goddamn you’re an idiot with a punctured brain and a stupid body. It’s famous not only because it’s famous, but also because it’s famous for being famous for being famous. You shit-for-brains asshole.

Have you had a medium-sized brain implosion in the last five minutes because your question is dumb like your dumb face and your dumb skull and the dumb brain it encases. The Mona Lisa? Why is it famous? Goddamn it. Seriously kill yourself. Get an Uber to the St Petersburg central station and do your best Anna Karenina impression and just waltz on under a train because seriously… Mona LisaFamousWhy? You smelly and insect-infested swamp of a human person. Go away from me. Very far please. You don’t deserve to be alive.