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‘If you put your trust out there… if you give people the benefit of the doubt, see their best intentions… people will rise to the occasion’ – The Philosophy of: Ned (from Our Idiot Brother)

What would happen if you just believed the best in everything and everyone? What would happen if you were completely honest with yourself and others at all times? Maybe that could be the ultimate way to live your life… (watch at 1:25…):

The complete honesty with yourself seems to be one of the key ways to live a good life. And honesty with others when they ask for it or when not being honest could have an unwanted effect on their life could be just as important and just as valuable in living the best life that you can. Ditto for telling white lies.

And being honest with others helps them deal with the situation earlier, and make a decision based entirely on what is the truth of the situation, of what you say, what you think or what you want. And also helps you live a life of freedom – freedom from deceiving yourself and others, even in little ways.

Sidenote: Ned is another Paul Rudd character that just nailed it. Like this one (oh and also this one).