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The philosophy of: Some girl on Facebook commenting on how to get revenge on an ex

Asked how a man should best grieve his enemy, Epictetus replied, “By setting himself to live the noblest life himself”

– The Philosophy of Epictetus CXLIII

My mate Matt has this thing that he does: he doesn’t dismiss anything. Because who’s to say if what you’re doing is right or wrong? Even if it’s working for you, maybe there’s an even better way to do it.

And the same thing goes for wisdom –it can come from anywhere. So I don’t dismiss anyone. If their message is sound, that’s all that matters. I haven’t seen a full episode of whatever Kim Kardashian’s show’s called, but maybe there’s even something to take from her too.

Revenge – Go hard or go ‘who gives a fuck’?

A student introduced me to vlogger Brittney Lee Saunders. On her Youtube channel, she basically speaks to camera about all sorts of whatever-y kind of stuff, and this one was about taking revenge on an ex. And even though there’s some classic stories of pouring paint thinner on a cheating ex’s motorbike or spreading grass seeds in the carpet (and watering them) in an ex’s living room, the girl at 5:27 is a diamond (and as is Brittany’s response to it. She’s a role model for girls, and that’s a positive example).

And even though it’s easy to say that, and it could be different when you’re actually emotionally involved in it, but what that Facebook random says, and how she then lived her life, and how her shitty desperate ex came crawling back to her, to see that and to see him in that position… That would be pretty sweet revenge. The best kind.