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The philosophy of: Patrick Dangerfield [Without the fuck-ups there’s no FUCK YEAH’s]

Patrick Dangerfield’s one of Geelong’s superstars, in the Australian Football League. And he’s a rare breed of not only player, captain, but also sportsman.

He says that after a loss, typically a captain hangs their head (and emotions) low. Throughout the 121-year history of the VFL/AFL, it’s been normal for a team’s skipper to show a type of pissed-off disappointment after any loss.

But Dangerfield’s basically saying ‘fuck that’. The past doesn’t define the present. And it definitely doesn’t define the future.

He says that ‘Losing’s a part of sport’. And that even after a loss (maybe especially after one) a team’s captain should hold his head high and remain resolute (and still encourage those who aren’t as strong as him in defeat).

Without the losses you can’t appreciate the wins. 

And not only’s that sport, but that’s also life. Without all the fuck-ups, you can’t appreciate the sweet and the simple (ie. the best) parts of life. Without ‘dark’ how can you know what’s ‘light’? Without ‘high’ there’s no ‘low’? Without ‘fuck-up’ how can you know what’s ‘fuck yeah!’?


Sidenote: He also says that the tendency for players to wait to the end of their careers to show their personality is bullshit. And here’s him surfing in an actual suit: