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The philosophy of: Some little girl at the local $2 shop

There was a dad with his two kids browsing the toy aisle of the $2 shop at the local shopping centre yesterday. And when it was time to go, he called his two kids, telling them just as much. The son quickly hurried after him but his 4 or 5 year old daughter lingered behind, with a toy in her hand. As she realised they had left, she quickly scrambled to put it back on the hooks just above head height, causing her to fumble it and drop it noisily to the ground, And as it crashed to the floor, I heard her say:

‘How did I do that?? I did not do that in my mind!!’


The body vs the mind

The mind and body are involved in a relationship from the moment we’re born. And it’s sometimes tumultuous and one (particularly the mind and what it wants to do) doesn’t always match what the body can.

The body and mind are like a house. The outside of the house is for show, and requires maintenance and upkeep and the garden needs nourishment, in order to keep the mind alive, but also to look good to others and the outside world. But even if you’ve built a 100-year-life house, it’s going to deteriorate.

The mind, however, is the inside of your house. Where you’re most comfortable, where you’re most yourself and what you have complete control over, free from the elements of nature. If you look after the inside of the house, it’s what will serve you most for all of your life. And it’s what makes you you. If you let it, it’s what makes you enjoy the good, not worry about superficialities of the appearances, and what makes you ready to deal with any adversity.