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The philosophy of: Atlanta Falcons Fullback Derrick Coleman

Why you gonna let someone else mess up how you feel about yourself?

A huge part of American football is communication. But still Derrick Coleman not only won a scholarship to play football at UCLA, but he made it to the NFL. And he’s part of one of the main teams in contention for the Super Bowl now.

He would’ve had people telling him he’s crazy his whole life. Telling him he can’t do it. Or it’s impossible for him to play in the professional league of a sport that hugely based on the offence and defence communicating with each other.

And even with his challenges outside of football he also did what he could to not let other people affect the way he saw himself.

He’ more proof that there’s no such thing as ‘I can’t’.

There is no ‘Can’t’. Only ‘Don’t’.