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The Philosophy of: Albert Camus (pt.2) – Camus on Sports

Despite all the confusing aspects of life and living, and having to make decisions in it that we basically know that in some way will be wrong, and the short time we actually get to be alive doing those confusing things, Albert Camus would say that we have to accept it, embrace it and live it. 

And one of the joys, perhaps unexplainably so in how it becomes so emotion charged for so many people around the world is: sport.  Yeah, sport being called the opiate of the masses is nothing new, but is it called that by those who haven’t found the unexplainable joy and excitement that something like sports can bring?

Sport is just a game. It is just a bunch of people chasing a ball, or puck or just kind of doing stuff on some type of field for an allotted amount of time, to determine who does it faster or better, but the value of sports is that brings so much joy, excitement and passion, AND IT STILL IS ONLY A GAME. So when you’re team wins, it’s amazing, and when they lose, well there’s always next year. And that’s a great to approach life. Enjoy the good times, savour them, but also understand there will be losses, but those losses don’t last. Because tomorrow is a new day and everything starts again. You get another chance to be better tomorrow.

Also, when he was asked whether he prefers football or the theatre, he replied:

Football without hesitation.