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Nothing and Nobody

There’s a difference between needing others company and wanting it. About 9 times out of 10, we have a choice whether to put a negative spin on things or positive. And no matter how little objective freedom we may have, we always have some level of it. We are always free in some way; therefore, we are always free. Even the man serving life in prison has the complete freedom to think whatever he wants.

In Seneca: A Life, Emily Wilson says, ‘The Stoic wise man is dependant on nobody, always free, always happy and in need of nothing and nobody.’

The paradox of not needing anybody or anything is that you naturally attract good people and good things to you. People because those that are Good want to have those Stoic traits themselves. And you attract good things if those good events or occurrences don’t decide your self-worth and you’re also prepared to lose them.