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My weekly CLASSIC LaLiga moment 👍 | Matchday 25 | Referee Villenueva (VALENCIAxOSASUNA

Every week, LaLiga is crammed full of CLASSIC moments. And you better believe that this past week was no different. Here’s my CLASSIC moment of Matchday 25:

Matchday 25 CLASSIC Moment: Referee Javier Iglesias Villanueva (and his assistants), Valencia-Osasuna

In the early stages of Valencia’s crucial clash with Osasuna, Los Che were lording it, but unable to break the deadlock. And then, following a long ball by right back Dimitri Foulquier, Osasuna goalkeeper Sergio Herrera, immediately spotting the danger, charged out of his area, in a desperate appempt to intercept the foray forward. And then–according to referee Javier Iglesias Villaneuva–Herrera totally missed the ball, took out Valencia’s Hugo Duro’s legs, and in the process, infringed upon the attacker and prevented a clear scoring chance. So you know, red card.

Or, according to the ref, Herrera had handled the ball outside of the box. Red card.

Or was penalised for excessive timewasting. Red Card.

Or all of them. Not sure. Red cards. Red cards.

Either way: CLASSIC.

Upon review, not only was the red rescinded, but so was any type of foul at all, with replays showing Herrera’s defensive challenge being executed perfectly according to the letter of the law. The ref had an all round howler, and while Herrera was rightly allowed to play on, and despite later brilliantly saving a penalty with his trailing leg, he couldn’t do anything to stop a Justin Kluivert bullet that ultimately gave the home side and referree Villanueva a critical 1-0 win.

Kluivert pounds home the winner
So to you, referee Javier Iglesias Villaneuva: Is that your decision? A straight red for a fair tackle?…