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Are you playing musical chairs?

(This analogy I think I got from The Secret Life of Us)

Finding someone before your looks go, before a lot of people have already paired up, before you go bald, before it’s too late to have kids is like musical chairs (with often as disastrous results as the one in the pic).

Once the music stops (and you’re ugly/everyone’s taken etc.) you better find a chair to sit on (human partner), because if you’re the one left, you’re left with possible loneliness, childlessness, marriage-less (?), while everyone else found a chair.

But what if you don’t care about the game of musical chairs at all? What if you don’t want kids? What if you’re not worried about your looks going (Which they will)? What if you’re not worried about finding someone to be in a serious relationship with? What if you’re not worried about loneliness in the latter stages of life?*

Then, the game of musical chairs have absolutely 0.00000 meaning to you. When the music stops, it stops only for those playing. And you’re just like ‘Fuck playing musical chairs’. There’s a better game, and it’s called ‘Living-your-own-life-free-from-fear-doing-completely-what-you-want-in-complete-freedom’ (Yeah I know. The name needs a lot of work)

And additionally, someone people lose their safe chair years later and are not equipped to deal living a chairless existence –which at some point it will be (Take Johnny Cash or example).

* These are all mental choices.