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Maybe the truth is unattainable, but it’s possible to at least get close to it… and further away from what it’s not (The philosophy of: Plato’s Cave)

In Y Tu Mamá También, as part of their manifesto, the Charolastras believe that ‘The Truth is cool, but unattainable’.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to attain it.

And it may not be about learning what’s truth and then confirming it over and over, it might be more important to eliminate what is not.

So think of the perfect relationship, the perfect partner for you, the perfect friend, the perfect life, the perfect job… Does it exist? Maybe not. But through self-learning, self-knowledge and self-understanding you can get closer to learning what those things are not.

So be open-minded, not afraid to be stupid or wrong, and listen when someone tells you that what you perceive as reality, or what you perceive as the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect relationship may, in fact, be different to what they appear to you.

It’s what Plato’s Cave is all about: