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Do you have to make a major decision? A decision between two things? Two things you’re worried you’ll regret if you choose ‘wrong’? And do you have complete control of that decision? This could be how to decide, based on what is actually best for YOU.

Question 1: Do you have to choose between two things? 
Question 2: Is it a major decision (in your perspective)?
#3: Are you worried that if you choose one, you’ll regret not choosing the other (and vice versa)?
#4: Do you have control over the decision?


Okay, so try this:

Think about this…  Imagine you choose one out of the two. You’ve done it. You’ve gone through with it and have committed to it –there’s no going back. And now imagine something that’s out of your control taking it away from you..
How much does that bother or unsettle you, or make you think ‘why did I think this was what I wanted to do’?

Okay. Now, do the opposite…

Imagine you chose the other of the two. And now something out of your control takes that away from you

Which of the two are you more content to lose? Which one do you maybe even hope for being taken away from you, for reasons out of your control? It’s possible that that one there is the one is not the one to choose.

It’s possible that’s your answer to your conundrum (definitely a word that’s not used enough).

So. The conclusion is…

Think about choosing each of your two options. Then the other one. Whichever one you’re more comfortable losing (maybe even hoping for), that one right there, could be the opposite of what you should choose (what you should by you, based on how well you understand yourself).