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What if you lost pretty much everything? You would be okay.

Excellence withers without an adversary: the time for us to see how great it is, how much its force, is when it displays its power through endurance. I assure you, good men should do the same: they should not be afraid to face hardships and difficulties, or complain of fate; whatever happens, good men should take it in good part, and turn it to a good end; it is not what you endure that matters, but how you endure it.’

– Seneca, from On Providence

What are the things you can’t imagine living without? Your house? Car? Family? Cat? Job? The place you live? Your health? Well, no matter how calamitous the event may seem, you can live without it (health to a certain extent that is, until all health is gone. But then you don’t have to endure anything anyway. You’re dead.)

Unless it’s one of these things, you’ll be okay without it.