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A Deep Dive into: Love [pt.11] – The philosophy of: François de La Rochefoucauld

If you didn’t know what love is, and you observed someone who was going through the pangs of love you would best guess that it’s some kind of crippling disease. Worse yet, would be if you had no idea what love was (fed to you by Hollywood, books etc.) and felt it yourself. You may think you’ve either got a terminal illness in your gut or was bitten by some insect which has secreted a toxin into your blood stream that has found its way into your brain and has made you think like a mad person, focusing only on irrational thoughts of this one person who you for some reason now see as a god.

And if you had no idea what that thing called love is, why would you fall into it?

It’s a horrible, soul-paralysing affliction, making us behave in absurd ways, and which invariably ends in heartbreak (whether through break up or if you’re lucky, through the death of your lover), anger or perhaps the worst condition of all that our life can be in: mediocrity.