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Instead of ‘What are 3 things you wish you could have?’, what are the 3 things you most wish you could KEEP? (& the first two responses to it)

This is a diamond of a video by Tim Urban from Wait But Why, who travelled to Iraq, Nigeria, Russia, Japan and Greenland and asked people there:

If you had a magical genie (or a magical man, or ‘fairy’), who said you could have three wishes (and have) anything you want in the whole world and it’s true, what would your three wishes be?

But the problem with this is, is that it only talks about what people want, the things they don’t have (and may never). It might make people focus on what they don’t have, what’s not in their life, versus what is already in their life. So instead of desire, dissatisfaction and maybe some grass-is-greener- type-y feelings, maybe the following might be more about gratitude and satisfaction and lead to more actually-you-know-what-my-grass-is-pretty-damn-green-too-y feelings. Maybe.

But, say I was an evil genie (or an evil magical man, or fairy) and I was going to take everything from your life, all the things in it, except for three things… what would you keep?


*Oh, and these are the first two responses, from one of my students, and from a mate of mine:


One of my students, Ale
1. My experiences
2. My health
3. My dreams

My mate, Matt
1. My soul
2. My body/health as it is
3. My passion for sports