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Get His Engine Humming pt.2: 3 Articles Debunking Examples of Irreducible Complexity to Tell Him About in Bed That Will Drive Him Wild

If yesterday’s sizzling post about 5 frequently cited examples of Irreducible complexity to mention to him in bed didn’t get his propeller spinning out of control, then today’s is sure to.

If you want to get your man’s wheels spinning in reverse and smelling like burnt rubber as you’re both tarnishing each other’s groins making God disappointed, here are 3 articles debunking examples of irreducible complexity frequently raised by intelligent designers that are sure to dive him wild:


1. The Eye

In the middle of making love making to your guy, say “”  and his head will explode (not to mention other parts of his body, such as his knees, particularly if he’s had any prior reconstructive knee surgery).

2. The Mouse Trap 

Nothing gets a guy going between the sheets like quoting the University of Delawares’ John H. McDonald’s balanced but biting rebuking of the oft-mentioned mousetrap example by Michale Behe. He’ll soon be all over you, and when you tell him that McDonald’s article is also animated, (albeit in a primitive late 90s style), the only way you’ll get him off you is by throwing some sort of acid at him (available from any hardware store).


3. Irreducibility Complexity overall

This one never fails. Once you’ve removed your clothing and both of you are naked in a room, just one mention of Lane Wagner’s brilliant, comprehensive destruction of the irreducible complexity argument using computer science and he’ll be begging for more. And if not for more, then for the same amount!