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Friday Flips [pt.3]: ‘Life is hard, okay okay, it gon’ get harder’ – The Philosophy of: This is Life by The Free

What are the songs that make you instantly feel relaxed and chilled as fuck? The songs that after a week of work you put on and instantly feel like you just nailed the week? The ones that take you away to the beach in your mind, that place where you feel connected to who you truly are, and all that’s truly important… The ones that connect you to the fact that you all you need to be happy is to be alive… Or the songs that make you instantly think that, shit, life is fucking brilliant…? Or the ones that remind us that even though something might feel sucky, things could be suckier or even suckiererer…?

What’s the matter huh?
Life is hard
Okay okay
It gon’ get harder
Bae don’t cry
Dry your eyes
No rewinds
This is life

Things can suck sometimes. But things can always, always, ALWAYS suck even more, or at least suck in different suckier ways. And they probably will too, at some point. But this is life. And that’s what lady fortune has in store for us. She can be a real bitch, or sometimes she can smile upon us. But let’s just assume she is a massive bitch, and except her to fuck things up for us in the future. So, with that in mind, let’s enjoy this moment right now, which is not as fucked up as it could be, and within it, has a lot of raw, enchanting things attached to it. The fact we are even able to actually experience this moment –as an alive organism– is enough to be happy.