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What comfort lies in the moment when the worst comes to the worst? Just one: that you are never alone and you can share it with someone.

The times where we form our greatest bonds to one another, our greatest connections may not be when all is rosy, full of pomp, grandeur and gaudy –it’s in those times when things go from what we think is the worst to the actual far much worse worster.

In among those times when the worst does become worse in some  ohmyfuckinggodyou’vegottabefuckingkiddingme way, it can be difficult or even possible to take comfort in the fact that we are merely tiny specks spinning on a big rock in an inconsequential moment of universal –let alone human– history.

But there may remain one solitary thing that can give us comfort, solace and even a reminder of why we actually live: sharing our catastrophes with others. After all, the thing we all are looking for is human connection, and connection to those we care about most. And that happens far more profoundly, more deeply, more humanly, following times of whatthefuckareyoufuckingkiddingmegodfuckingdamnit-like unforeseen disaster.