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Why is flirting important? (The philosophy of: The School of Life)

Unless you have split personality disorder, there’s probably never ever a time when you look at yourself in the mirror (or talk to yourself) and truly want yourself. You know, actually look at yourself and desire to be with you, intimately. (In case you do do that though, I can tell you now, you don’t need to: You’ve got you! You are not out of your own league and you’ve got you! Congratulations!)

And that’s where other people and flirting comes in. It’s one of the absurdities of life that others, and how they interact with us, either confirms or reminds us that we are desirable. And even if they don’t intend to, and are content not to go to bed with us (for the reasons below), it’s a reminder that someone, for reasons you may be well aware of (or not), at least likes the idea of being alone, vulnerable and intimate with you. And you with them.