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Exciting: After Everybody on Earth Quits Smoking, Nicotine Replacement Brand Nicorette Releases New Range of Cigarettes and Other Nicotine Re-introduction Products

After it was confirmed earlier this week that everybody on planet earth had quit smoking, CEO of Nicorette’s ownership company GlaxoSmithKline, Emma Walmsley announced Friday that the company is releasing a range of Mild, Extra Mild and Menthol cigarettes on to the market. They will be available from early 2019.

One of the new range of Nicorette’s joy cylinders that will give us back all our fun-funs and happy joy joys

Commenting on the exciting new products, Walmsley reached out to former smokers, saying, ‘We went too far. Quitting smoking cold turkey is also not healthy. That’s why we at Nicorette came up with an exciting new product for those who could possibly maybe give smoking one more go, just for old times sake. Please?’

The nicotine content of new range will be understandably far greater than any previous cigarettes available in history, which is also rumoured to be soon followed by a similarly more-powerful-than-ever range of Nicorette replacement patches, lozenges and gum.