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Everything you do, do it for a reason – The Philosophy of: Miyamoto Musashi [pt.1]

Do Nothing, which is of no use.
– Miyamoto Musashi

Scrolling through your Instagram news feed for 35 minutes ‘just because, you know’, or just opening Snapchat for a couple minutes because ‘you know, why not’ or saying I’m bored and scrolling through your Instagram feed for 28 more minutes is a waste of time, and therefore a waste of life.

There is nothing more dumb in the world than thinking ‘I’m bored.’ Unless you understand all of physics, know how to pull apart an automatic transmission, understand everything about sub-atomic particle acceleration and can reconstruct the Large Hadron Collider from scratch, if you are a monster on the violin, cello and all instruments ever, understand everything about the monarch butterfly, know everything there is to know about how to program AI to do every job in the world, understand everything about self-driving cars and can decode the human genome… if that’s not you, then there is no such thing as ‘I’m bored.’

Time on this planet is extremely limited for you, and time is the only thing you will never get back. So anything you do, whatever it is, even if it scrolling through social network newsfeeds, if you do it for a purpose (e.g. it makes you smile, you learn things about others or the world etc.)

Do everything you do for a reason.