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QUIZ: Do you ever get “on line”? Well, here’s a hot tip for next you’re jacking into the “Net”

Dave “Internet guy” here again! Hey, do you have your own blogsite? And do you like avoiding unhinged emotional meltdowns? Well, have I got a tip for you!

Today’s Internet computer tip for next time you’re “on line”:

Don’t fuck around in your website admin and change your primary domain to a domain that’s not yours (e.g. just to ‘see what happens’. This may or may not lead to you having an terrifying emotional breakdown after a freak out brought on by the almost certain belief that you just deleted something you care a shitload about, and 5 years’ worth of work, because the website is now offline, with no sign of returning. Especially don’t try to do this if your web hosting settings are all in Spanish because you couldn’t even work out how to change them to English.


BUTTTTTT… my site’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk21;3ou8y12498;ywqiowru0912u09124;10924u09241

My God. Shit.

And it’s all thanks to internet computers and being “on line”!

See ya next time for the next in our series of Hot Tips for being”on line” on the “Net”!