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Don’t believe this

Take everything on the internet with a grain of salt.

I know a few things. Not many. I know the sun will come up tomorrow. Most likely. But scientifically you can not say it will come up for us on Earth tomorrow. It’s possible it won’t. I do know some facts though. Facts from the past. And I know where I live, and I know who my fiancee is. A couple other things maybe.

When I tell people about something I heard online. I’m going to stop saying ‘apparently’ and ‘I think’. There’s no need. The integrity of any story (especially taken from online) is never 100% water tight. And it’s not about whether it’s true or not. Just take the info and make your own decision about it.

And sometimes it’s not about the facts of a story. It’s just about a story being entertaining. Whether it’s true comes second.

It’s not necessary to say ‘I heard…’, ‘apparently,.,’, ‘I think…’ when recounting something you heard. The definition of ‘truth’ has changed. Any second-hand story is probably not 100% true. But it’s okay. Take what you want from it.

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