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A Deep Dive into: Passion [pt.4] – Maybe it’s not about avoiding passion, but accepting it as part of being human and understanding it (& The philosophy of: Baruch Spinoza)

This is the third of a series of a Deep Dive into Passion. What is it, is it what makes us human, is it okay to have passions no matter what they are, and why do we have the ones we do…


The Stoics avoided passion with a passion. The passions were seen as an ill that directs us away from ataraxia, reason, nature and living a good life.

But for Spinoza, it’s not about avoiding the passions. For him, passions are a part of life, and it’s not about ignoring or avoiding them, it’s about accepting them and understanding them.

Are our passions what give our lives meaning?

Though Spinoza took inspiration from the Stoics, his approach to passion may be a more human approach to passion. To the value of it. And it may be a more human (and healthy) way to then experience the joys of life (which often come from passion).

This is some of what he was about: