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Is everything that’s subjective, everything that varies across humanity, just bullshit? And is everything that is objectively true all that matters? [On Eudaimonia)

How are you?

Are you alive? And do you have enough food to survive in the near future, enough warmth, water and shelter (and an ability to rest)? Then you’re good.

Happiness (at least in its contemporary context) is not important.

What’s Eudaimonia?
The ancient Greeks valued ‘eudaimonia, which was an objective type of happiness. Well that’s at least what the Greek philosophers valued when it came to pursuing happiness. The common Greek society valued a more subjective form of it, which we’re familiar with now, one based on ‘success’, ‘wealth’, or volatile things, often that are mostly out of your control. And things that relate to travel, new experiences and as few problems as possible.

But the eudaimonia that Greek philosophers favoured was a happiness that comes from living a life of virtue. Of doing good things, of helping when you can, and doing the right thing by you, the people around and you the place you live in. That’s what leads to the best life you could possibly live.