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A Deep Dive into: Love [pt.13]: Why playing it cool with someone you think is special is not cool at all.

If you truly think someone is wonderful, that they are a special human person, or that the things they do, how they comport themselves and the euphoric way they make you feel is unlike anyone else, it’s only fair that they know.

But if you tell them, won’t you seem too keen and risk them going off you?

If you care about that person, truly think they’re a uniquely remarkable human, then your own personal benefits or loss (as a result of telling them) doesn’t matter. If someone you care about truly is special, they should know that, whether it means that they think you’ve come on too strong or not.

If you are being earnest and have put sincere thought into how to communicate your feelings to them in a sensitive way, they should know how special they truly are. Whatever the self-motivated consequences are for you.

True love may be caring for someone so much, that you sincerely only want them to be happy, whether it’s with or without you in their life.