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A Deep Dive into: Fear – If you just CHOSE to accept, and DECIDED to not be afraid of any of your fears, and then chose to see ‘living’ as your only goal in life, wouldn’t you be eternally and constantly free?

If you just chose to not be scared of dying alone, not meeting someone, not having kids, getting ugly, getting old, not finding a job you like, not being remembered one day (any of those), not living alone, and chose to make this your one and only goal ‘to live’ wouldn’t you be content and satisfied for the rest of your life? And if you set that as your goal, you also can not possibly not meet it, or be doing it. Because all the time you’re alive, you’ve reached your goal. And when you die, well, you’re not aware anyway (at least as far as we guess) so it doesn’t matter that you’re not meeting your goal (but you did in the past).

If someone asks you what your goal in life is, tell them exactly that:

To live.

You’ve done it. You are living a successful life. And living successfully.