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‘It can’t be done.’… Hang on, wait, why the fuck not? [+ the first day of learning 2 languages at once]

This guy probably got told ‘You won’t be able to do it’ or heard people say ‘No way. It’s impossible’:

Pretty much anything is possible. Well, if you jump off the top of your roof shouting “I CAN FLY I CAN FLY’, that’s one of the things that isn’t, but for most other things (especially anything you only need your brain for), it can be done.

And if someone else has done it (or even something similar and especially something that had many more obstacles), you can too.

2 Languages at once – Youse gotsta be shittin’ me’s or what?

I’ve heard several people say ‘you can’t learn two languages at once’, ‘Don’t even try it, it’s too confusing’ or whatever.

But why the fuck not?

It’s been done before by other humans on this planet, so what’s the difference? Attitude. And asking yourself ‘Do I actually want this, is it worth it, and why?’

For the last 2 months, I’ve been learning Spanish everyday. But today marks the first day I’m going to also try to simultaneously learn Japanese too.

And as far as ‘confusing’ goes, or mixing up the vocab and using a word from one language when I meant to use the other:

This is one language:

And this is the other:

If you’re confused about the difference between the two, you’re either probably not actually a human person, and perhaps you’re a cat that has wandered in between your owner and the laptop because you want attention or are just a prick of a cat, or you have something wrong with your eyeballs and/or eyeball sockets.