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How can we best deal with life’s sucky times?

By embracing it? By saying Yes to it all? All the sucky shit? Can you cope with it in a range of positive ways?

Can you easily realise that if this is happening to you, then it’s probably happened to someone, somewhere before? That if everything is temporary, so is this?

That may be far easier said than done. And if it means something to you right now, the consoling thought that we’re just all spinning on a big pale blue dot in space, in a pinprick of time, a blink isn’t going to mean shit when you can’t pay rent, or your whole life gets turned upside down in an instant.

And how do you comfort someone when they’re trying to deal with it? With wisdom? Optimism? Pessimism? Practical solutions?

Much like when things are less sucky, there may be only thing we want when they are much more sucky, and that’s connection. The knowledge that we are not alone in this sucky thing (right now) called life.