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Area Man Eliminated from Life After 110-77 Blowout Loss to Pancreatic Cancer

CHULA VISTA, CA–Area Man, Tarek Shearer, 41, has suffered a disappointing loss in the middle stages of his life, losing 110-77 to Pancreatic Cancer. The disease’s comprehensive victory was lead by 33 points and 12 rebounds from Metastasis, 18 points on 7/8 from the field with 5 assists from Healthy Cell Metabolism and 4 blocks, 16 rebounds with 0 turnovers from Inactivation of Tumor Suppressor Genes Via Gene Mutation. Fans who supported Shearer through this contest with the crippling illness expressed disappointment and frustration over his inability to get the victory, despite several others around the world having previously done so from a similar position.  “I thought he had it in him but I guess I was wrong,” said life-long fan of Shearer’s, his mum. “Shirley, my friend from the bowls club, was in a similar battle 6 years ago, but she won hers, so, you know, like what the heck, son? I thought my Tarek would definitely get the W in this one but I guess he just didn’t want it bad enough.”