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Weakness into strength

When Arnold Schwarznegger came to America, people laughed at him. Here’s this yodelling European yokel who wants to be a Hollywood superstar. People laughed at him – ‘Who the hell’s going to cast this heaving hulk from an Austrian village, who not only barely speaks English, but sounds exactly like a robot when he does?’

Flash forward a few years… Terminator and especially Terminator 2, with Arnie as the star, go on to make about 89614637687921381289719283712 billion dollars at the box office.

Looking back now, James Cameron says he couldn’t have made the Terminator movies if it wasn’t for Arnie. There was no one else who had the right voice for it. Arnie was the only person who actually naturally sounded like a cyborg.

What weaknesses do you have that you can turn into strengths?