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If technology’s driving our lives, who’s the passenger?

I heard someone on Triple J Radio say today: ‘Technology is driving our lives.’

No. It isn’t.

If it is, you’re letting it. So you’re the passenger in your own life.

Other than one single email address for a couple things, you don’t need to let technology have any part in your life, let alone drive it. And even then, you can have your electricity bills sent the old fashioned way. Job applications are a different thing –maybe they need an email address, but you can set up a phoney account for one purpose.

And you might think, ‘What an asshole. What the fuck did you use to write this shit?’

Good call.

But WordPress, which I use to write this shit, is something I choose to use, because it improves my life. And I comprehensively love using it to write. Anything that is even slightly doing your head in, to do with technology,… get rid of it. Then YOU are the one who’s driving your own life. And technology’s in the back seat (or maybe even where the spare wheel’s kept).