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Are you suffering because of a future that may not even be bad? Or may even be far greater than you fear? Or may not even happen at all?

If something sucks, or worse, is terrible, do we suffer?

Maybe you think yes.

Is that situation of suffering definite (at least in your current perception of reality)?

Maybe you also think yes.

And is your current reality 100% certain and present (at least in your own perception)?

Maybe that’s another yes.

So why do we suffer because of maybes? Are you suffering already in your future?

Is there something that you’re suffering about that either…

  1. Is not certain of happening?


2. Maybe that future actually won’t be as bad as you think. Or, possibly, it could be much better than you imagine. And possibly, an amazing experience in some way? Or, it might not even happen at all, in any version.

Focus on now. Enjoy now. Your future for one doesn’t exist (at least to you) may (and most likely) will be completely different to how you imagine (or fear) it will be.