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Is it possible to be like this all the time?

No. But we can aim  to be.

There is no way with all that happens in life that you can always think everything is awesome. But we tend to focus on the things that are completely NOT awesome  (or at least we think they are) when there is so many awesome things we have.

Sometimes instead of thinking ‘Everything is Awesome!!!’, we have a tendency to think: ‘Everything is awful!!!!’. But if you look hard enough, there’s always something in our lives that’s awesome. I don’t mean to sound like one of those annoying types of hippies who thinks the world is nothing but rainbows, lollipops and unicorns jumping over rainbows to go looking for lollipops with other unicorns, but the fact that I’m physically living and breathing and able to write this right now and you are physically alive and breathing and to read this (or anything else)… those things right there are awesome. And even if at the moment in your life, your song title is: ‘A lot of things are Awful!!!’, the awesome thing is that you’re alive on this planet right now, and still have some time left, which means it’s possible for things to turn around and to actually be awesome.