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Is rewarding yourself with a beer (after a hard day’s work or workout) kind of like me rewarding my dog Chunky with bleach for being a good dog?

What’s your relationship to drinking? Do you do it to relax? Or for clarity? Or to treat yourself for doing something well, working hard or doing something physical? (This was Socrates’ approach to it.)

I’ve done or do all of the above at some point.

But is it possible that in the future they’ll laugh that people, once upon a time, drank alcohol or eating sugary and fatty foods as reward (kind of like we laugh at how people used to believe smoking was good for you… Or phones are harmless to your brain…)?

Future conversation:

Future person #1: ‘So you’re telling me people used to prefer to drink the much worse option that contributed to organ failure, as opposed to one liquid they actually needed, and was good for them, and was free?

If alcohol and shitty foods damage the body, or at least don’t help it, would it not be more of a reward to put the things your brain and body need to run at an optimal level, like water and organic food like fruits, vegetables and protein rich food?