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Optimism… pessimism… Same bullshit.

The optimist taking an exam believes ‘I will definitely pass the exam’. And if they don’t it leaves them completely devastated, not being prepared for the chance they wouldn’t)t prepared for not passing it).

A pessimist thinks ‘There’s no way I’ll pass’ and spends their whole time wasting life in a disgusting and repulsive bog of negativity.

And Stoic thinks, the result, much like most things that happen in the world is out of my control, so if I pass, or not, either way, it’s the way it’s meant to be. I pass = great. I don’t? Also great, because this is now a trial. A chance to test my strength.¹

¹And actually beyond that, a Stoic may even deeply examine oneself, analyse the situation and ask themself, this thing, this course, this career path that I say I want, do I actually want it? And the exam actually even worth it? Why?